Will You Help Us?

Dear Friends, 

We are writing to you to seek your help in support of an exceptional program called Summer Spot.

As the parents of two daughters, John and I know the importance that education and athletics play in the daily lives of our children and all children. Yet, not all families have been provided the opportunity to do so, and thus the educational disparities grow within our communities.

This gap does not need to widen and can be closed with your help.

We have seen first-hand the challenges children and families face on the Northside. Most kids come from single-parent homes living in poverty. Some are being raised by their grandparents because the parents aren’t in the picture at all. Last year, through basketball, we happened to meet grandparents from Hospitality House who had found themselves in a desperate situation. The grandfather needed medical care and as a result, made it known that they needed some temporary help with their 4th grade granddaughter. When we heard of their need our hearts could not say “no” and we decided to help out by inviting her to stay with us for a few days. We found this experience to be a bit unusual but very rewarding which caused us to want to do more for the kids of Hospitality House. One of the options that came to mind was Summer Spot.

Hospitality House’s Summer Spot is a nine-week program that provides intensive academic support, in partnership with Minneapolis Public Schools, for students in grades K to 12. It provides critical support for both students and parents as it creates a healthy and safe environment where they can continue to improve, excel, and have fun throughout the summer months! Without this program many kids would be unsupervised spending their time watching TV, hanging out and perhaps getting into trouble.

We ask that you consider donating to the Summer Spot program. The cost per student is $250. Because of financial limitations only about 25% of the students are able to pay this modest fee. Our goal is for 120 donors to step forward and give $250 to support a child with this vital program. They need your help!

Donations can be made online (see the options below). We are seeking donations by July 1, 2018.

Please help us support these exceptional young people so that through your efforts and generosity they can continue to grow to be outstanding future leaders.

Thank you for your consideration!

Cara & John McNulty
Hospitality House Volunteers and Supporters

#FF0000 Raised $5,365 towards the $30,000 target.