Midnight Basketball

The purpose of Midnight Basketball is to offer hope where there is little; to enrich misplaced lives; and re-direct young people away from an environment of guns, drugs, and the criminal justice system. As the signature outreach program of Hospitality House Youth Development, Midnight Basketball is aimed at bringing in 13-18 year-old young men every Friday evening for great night of basketball and fun.


Saturday Open House

Saturdays allow us to offer a unique program inviting community youth (ages 5-12) and their families to spend time together having fun with art, cooking, computer learning, and gym activities for all levels of participants.  Saturdays 10 am-1 pm including lunch.


Christmas with Dignity

This Christmas season sale gives a hand-up to families in need by providing an opportunity to choose and buy new gifts at a fraction of the original cost.

Shoppers: Pre-registration required.  
Donors: Gifts can be dropped off through sale day  
Volunteers: Groups are needed for a variety of tasks two weeks prior to sale day.
Thank you to our many sponsors including: Slumberland & Walmart.

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