Hospitality House hosts numerous teams participating in Minneapolis Park Board Leagues as well as traveling boys and girls basketball teams. Teams keep our gym busy throughout the year with youth practicing and competing in age appropriate leagues to build skills and confidence.

Athletic Goals:

  • To help each youth develop their spiritual, physical, and educational gifts.
  • To represent Christ-like attitudes on and off the basketball court.
  • To participate and continue to gain experience with traveling competition.
  • To encourage healthy family and social interactions.

Want to sign up for a team?  Call 612-522-4485 for information.
Interested in coaching or sponsoring a team?  Call our Athletic Coordinator at 612-522-4485.

Queens of the Court

Queens of the Court is a traveling girls basketball team that plays in tournaments and leagues throughout the metro area and tournaments outside of Minnesota.

Contact our girl’s coaches for more information:
Coach Mo: 763-439-5615
Coach Pettis:  612-385-2654
Team Manager, Talicia: 763-486-9082

Kings of the Court

Kings of the Court is a traveling boys basketball team that plays in tournaments and leagues throughout the metro area and tournaments outside of Minnesota.

The Kings of the Court team philosophy is to instill in players the ability to use the gifts God has given them to not only succeed in basketball, but also in life. They begin and end every practice and game with a team prayer led by players or coaches. They also build team unity through activities such as eating out, attending sporting events and other outings together that strengthen interpersonal relationships, giving players a chance to get to know one another off the court.

Friday Night Basketball

Friday Night Basketball, one of Hospitality House’s longest running programs. It is the only Hospitality House athletic program where participation is not limited to children.

Held every Friday evening from 7 pm to 12 am, Friday Night Basketball is open to inner city males ages 13-18, providing them with an energizing alternative to a night on the streets. This weekly event offers friendship and hope where there often has been little. It has proven to enrich misplaced lives and re-direct young people away from an environment of guns, drugs, and the criminal justice system.

The Friday Night Basketball program is endorsed by community law enforcement and local churches for it’s ability to provide a venue for at-risk males to be off the street at a crucial time when violence typically occurs.

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